Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson was on the conference call with Ravens reporters Wednesday. Of course, he didn't miss an opportunity to have some fun with the Ravens. Actually, the Ravens appreciate his humor because a lot of them know Johnson well.

Chad Johnson on who is on his "list" for Sunday's game: "As a matter of fact, Ray [Lewis] is on the list this year.  Yeah, I put Ray on the list."


On his agenda with Lewis being on the list: "The agenda? Hit him in the mouth."

On why Lewis made the list: "Chris [McAlister] and Samari [Rolle] have made the list before and haven't been able to do the job. So, I'm going to go ahead and move up in the ranks."

On whether he received a large fine for the Ocho Cinco incident: "No, no, no. I did get fined, though. I did get fined for having it on the back of the jersey, but I don't understand why there was a fine when I didn't play in the game with it. It was just for pre-game entertainment only. I felt it was a classic. That will go down in history as one of the best ever. I don't see how you get fined for something like that."

On the Ravens giving up big plays to wide receivers this year: "I don't know what happened. They are very good. You've got to remember they are third in defense and are leading the league in interceptions. So, part of that comes from, maybe, gambling some times. But, they are going to be alright, though."

On whether he prepares his material or it comes natural: "It's natural, it comes from whoever I'm playing against. Especially for this week in Baltimore, I have some special, special stuff for the city of Baltimore. You know, 85 is coming in town, hopefully, I can get in the end zone so I can show them what I've got in store."

On topping last year's Tiger Woods impersonation: "That's going to be hard. It's going to be hard to top, but I'm going to try, I'm trying. The Ocho Cinco thing was a step, but I'm trying to keep it going."

On whether  he has been practicing Ray Lewis' dance: "You know what...that's a good one, but he [Terrell Owens] did it already so I can't go there."

On giving a hint  of what he might do for Baltimore this year: "I can't do that. Trust me, you'll love it though. You'll love it."