I went to the Wal-Mart in Eldersburg - not by choice - and discovered a bunch of people camping out outside the store. They had tents, air mattresses, lawn chairs. One guy brought a television. Apparently, nobody brought a life.

I went inside, politely declined my smiley face sticker and asked a clerk when the Rolling Stones would be appearing, and in which aisle. I was told some game is going on sale beginning tomorrow morning. I'm guessing PlayStation 17 or something similar.


Anyone want to help me out here? I'm out of the loop.

Jim Duquette was nice enough to call into MASN Playmakers after his flight from Naples, Fla., delayed because of the weather, finally made a bumpy landing at BWI Airport.

When I asked about reports that the Orioles were in the running to sign Barry Bonds, Duquette dismissed them as "one of those rumors," as I figured.

"Right now, it's not an area we're focusing on."

Revisiting the Jaret Wright trade, Duquette estimated that the right-hander would have received $7-8 million per year, as part of a multi-year contract, on the free-agent market. He also repeated that three teams have contacted the Orioles about Wright's availability.

I doubt the Yankees were one of them.

The Orioles viewed Jamie Walker, who officially joins them after he passes his physical, as perhaps the best left-handed reliever on the market.

"Now I'm curious how he's going to get David Ortiz out," Duquette said.

Jason Giambi, too.

The Orioles are making multiple offers so they're not caught putting all of their eggs in one basket, which Duquette believes happened with Paul Konerko last winter. He turned them down and they were left scrambling - which is my second-favorite way to order eggs after over-easy.

Duquette flashed his sense of humor. Asked if the Orioles were anywhere near matching Boston's $51.1 million bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka, he replied: "Paying $51 million to have negotiations with Scott Boras is not my idea of fun. That is not my idea of a great day at the beach."

Ravens tight end Todd Heap said he just discovered that he has a Myspace page. So don't be fooled. It's not him."