I'd like to thank Lindsay for bailing me out on my prediction. Yes, I did mean Tigers in '07.

Sorry for the confusion.


I've had people ask me, "Can you believe the Cardinals won?"

I do when the opponent makes a critical error in every game. When the pitchers can throw the ball to home plate, but no place else. When the Tigers suddenly think "composure" is a songwriter.

But you've got to like them in '07. I know I do.

Reggie Bush seems to be getting most of the attention in New Orleans, but I'll gladly put Deuce McAllister in my backfield.

When Ravens linebacker Bart Scott was asking about "running back" Reggie Bush after a recent practice, Scott smiled and said, "Is he a running back?"

He'll be lining up everywhere except center.

I'll be writing from Byrd Stadium tonight, where I expect Maryland to lose to Florida State because, well, that's what it usually does. And Bobby Bowden is fighting for his job. I'll blog if he's fired at halftime.