I'm not always right, but I did say the Broncos were a lock - not a dominant one, but they covered - and that Kenny Rogers would outpitch Jeff Weaver to even the World Series as it shifts to St. Louis.

Not exactly going out on the limb, but please don't ruin my moment.


So Rogers had an unfair advantage because of the "substance" on his pitching hand? (It was pine tar, folks. Let's not call it anything else.) He didn't exactly get smacked around after he washed it off.

I hate the close-ups of Weaver peering in for the sign from his catcher. The expression on his face makes it look like he just heard something really, really bad. Or smelled it.

One piece of advice for Eric Byrnes, and it doesn't involve a comb:


Must be the 12 cups of coffee he needed to stay warm.

Here's Ravens center Mike Flynn on how Brian Billick handled himself today as the new offensive coordinator:

"It's good. He's come in and he's established what he wants to do. He's pretty assertive in the meeting, where he's coming from, what he wants to change, what we're going to put in, what we're going to take out. I feel confident about it. He came in and we have an idea what we're going to do. We've just got to get in the right place at the right time. Then it comes down to execution, and that's on the players. But I think they studied tape. They know what's not working."

Flynn said he was surprised by the decision to fire Jim Fassel.

"I know Brian is a loyal guy and they're friends," he said. "You don't see that too often in the NFL, an in-season change like that. But I think it was a situation where he felt it was the right thing to do. He felt like we had talent on this team and he felt that he could do a good job calling the plays and he wants the responsibility. But I didn't expect it."

Joey Harrington threw 62 passes for the Dolphins yesterday. Only Dan Marino doesn't find that excessive.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered a concussion on a helmet-to-helmet hit during yesterday's game against the Falcons.

The guy can't catch a break. He's knocked woozy whether he's wearing a helmet or not.

A little research shows that Morten Andersen's first game-winning field goal got him so excited, he flung his leather helmet in the air.

The Flyers fired their coach yesterday, and the general manager resigned.


Has the NHL season even started yet?

OK, I'm kidding. And I love the Hartford Whalers over the Winnipeg Jets this year.