I was watching a special on former heavyweight champion George Foreman yesterday on ESPN Classic. Sitting at ringside in Jamaica for Foreman's 1973 fight against soon-to-be ex-champion Joe Frazier, Howard Cosell bellowed: "He's a big, strong boy."

Not quite as bad as "Look at that little monkey run," but I cringed nonetheless.


Today, that comment would get Steve Lyons fired.

MASN currently is showing a Hawaii Winter League game between the West Oahu CaneFires and the Waikiki BeachBoys. Now that's how you cover baseball.

I believe the PassThePois play later today.

I'm sticking to my original pick of Tigers in five. Six, tops. But I expected a lot more from Justin Verlander. And I might have been a tad premature in dismissing the Cardinals, who staggered into the postseason - as did the Tigers.

Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball. I've said it before. You'll have a hard time changing my mind.

No way Jeff Weaver outpitches Kenny Rogers tonight. I don't care how well he's done lately. It's not happening. The Series will be tied heading to St. Louis.

Just when the Bengals uniforms couldn't get any uglier, they break out the orange jerseys again. I stand corrected.

I know people are hopping on the Bears' bandwagon, but I see the Panthers representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. And losing to whichever team makes it out of the AFC.

I still took the Bengals today, though. And I'm regretting it.

Lock of the day: Denver -5 at Cleveland.

A long time ago, I asked if you'd rather have Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed in your secondary, or which one deserved to be paid more, something like that. Remember, it was a long time ago.

I believe most respondents picked Reed. I'm positive that I'd still take Polamalu, and I have nothing against Reed. But if I had to choose...