The What's up with this guy award  goes to Shaun Alexander. The consensus top-three pick managed 51 yards on 19 carries against the Lions. Is the loss of guard Steve Hutchinson really going to affect his production this year? I'm not ready to go that route yet. Let's just chalk it up to a bad game.

The Didn't see that coming award goes to the Jets combo of Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles. New York's quarterback wasn't even named the team's starter until late August, but he produced in Week 1 with 319 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Meanwhile, Coles came off a down year in 2005 to tally eight catches for 153 yards.


The Team-killing performance goes to Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer. Jake the Snake (by the way, is this the only nickname we can think of for famous Jakes? To me, there is still only one Jake the Snake, and he came into the ring with an actual snake around his neck) put up 138 yards and three picks against the Rams. I don't see why the guy would be lacking confidence. It's not like he took Denver to the AFC Championship last year only to have the club draft Jay Cutler in the first round. Oh wait...

The Answering questions award goes to the Saints running game. Deuce McAllister had 22 carries for 90 yards against the Browns, and Reggie Bush totaled 119 rushing and receiving yards on 22 touches. Good news for fantasy owners on all fronts. It's entirely possible that both these guys have productive seasons. I've said all along that if Bush has a good fantasy year, it will be mostly due to his receiving yards. He had eight catches for 58 yards in Week 1.

The Making me look stupid award goes to Drew Bledsoe (and trust me, there were several worthy candidates here). I thought the Cowboys quarterback would have a good fantasy year with the addition of T.O., but he looked awful in Week 1, going 16-for-33 with three interceptions. The scary part? Bill Parcells said he didn't think Bledsoe faced much pressure during the game.

The Making me look smart award goes to Byron Leftwich (really the only candidate, and it's a stretch at that). I tabbed the Jacksonville quarterback as a sleeper this year, and he posted 237 yards and a pair of touchdowns (one rushing) against a strong Cowboys defense.

Feel free to comment on your own awards.

100-yard rushing club (in order of top rushers): Warrick Dunn, LaDainian Tomlinson, Steven Jackson, Willie Parker, Tiki Barber, Ahman Green, Tatum Bell

100-yard receving club: Coles, Donte' Stallworth, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Bryant, Marvin Harrison, Drew Bennett, Muhsin Muhammad, Andre Johnson

300-yard passing club: Pennington, Donovan McNabb, Kurt Warner