I just wanted to check on something:

The Ravens did win yesterday, right?


I thought Navy was the unhappiest 2-0 team going into the weekend, with all those complaints about how they were playing, the starting quarterback ready to pound his head against a wall one week, the head coach sounding like he wanted to leave his car running in a closed garage the next.

I guess the Ravens have the unhappiest fans.

There's an awful lot of angst out there. I suppose people really did expect them to win, 127 to -3.

Steve McNair wasn't sharp, but it might be a tad early to panic over the offense. They still can move the ball. The depth at running back is impressive. I'm fairly certain that Mark Clayton will become more involved in the passing game, and that McNair will get his timing down, which will be easier if the Ravens do a better job protecting him.

If Warren Sapp shows up at practice this week, it's because he spent so much time in the Ravens' backfield yesterday, he feels like part of the team.

Try being a Redskin fan and see how that works for you.

Replace Mark Brunell?

With whom?

Jason Campbell isn't ready, and Todd Collins isn't...

Jason Campbell isn't ready.

I'm 11-4 against the spread heading into tonight, though I'm 10-5 in my pool because I suffered a severe brain cramp and accidentally selected the Dolphins when I wanted the Bills.

I wrote down "Bills" on my notepad, mentioned them in a blog entry yesterday, and clicked on the space next to "Dolphins."

This explains why I'm not a brain surgeon.

Take the Jaguars and the Orioles tonight. Parlay them, if you can.


But no wagering, please.

Erik Bedard has a chance to become a 15-game winner tonight. He might have to go nine innings, however.

Who closes if the Orioles need to protect a slim lead in the ninth?

Todd Williams? Julio Manon? James Hoey?

Go with the veteran.

The Devil Rays are 18-42 since the break.

See, it could be worse.