On the Dallas Cowboys' latest injury report, Terrell Owens has been upgraded from "suicidal" to "questionable."

I guess we've established that Owens didn't ingest 35 painkillers. However, I once drained an entire bottle of Flintstones chewables and was high as a kite.


Owens' publicist, Kim Etheredge, assumed the receiver had overdosed because she saw the empty bottle of pills, not knowing that he supposedly dumped most of them in a drawer.

Which leads me to ask: Why does he dump his pills in a drawer?

Keep 'em in the bottle and avoid a big misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that the other receiver, Terry Glenn, recently cut his hand?

I'm hoping Glenn wasn't trying to slit his wrist. Otherwise, this could be the most depressed team in the NFL.

I hear coach Bill Parcells is eating his feelings.

I just feel stupid for implying that Owens would be a distraction for the Cowboys this season.

OK, enough about T.O. I know how much he hates the attention.

Kris Benson should have about 16 wins this season. Tonight, however, isn't one of those hard-luck losses.

Rob Neyer from ESPN.com wrote this week that Derek Jeter should be the American League's MVP. He picked Twins catcher Joe Mauer as runner-up.

Neyer, phoning into The Anita Marks Show today on ESPN Radio 1300, believes Barry Bonds will return to the Giants next season.

Baseball American named Aberdeen pitcher Pedro Beato, the Orioles' supplemental pick in this year's draft, as the No. 2 prospect in the NY-Penn League.

In case you missed it, Ravens linebacker Bart Scott was named the AFC's Defensive Player of the Month, and kicker Matt Stover was chosen Special Teams Player of the Month.