With six games remaining for the Orioles, all of them on the road, the rookies might want to lock up their belongings before leaving the clubhouse.

Beware of the hazing ritual where first-year players find their street clothes replaced with dresses. Or a Hooters uniform.


You haven't lived until you've seen Calvin Pickering in a flowery dress, going through customs to leave Canada.

ESPN Classic's "Who's Number 1" presented the Top 20 baseball teams earlier today. The 1970 Orioles were 14th. The 2004 Red Sox were 13th.

Let the debate begin.

I'll get it started by asking how a team that came within an inning of being swept in the American League Championship Series can rank ahead of those Orioles.

To make the list, you apparently had to win the World Series. Otherwise, the 1971 Orioles would have to be on it.

Four 20-game winners?

That lineup?

I'd have to make an exception. But maybe I'm partial.

Chris Simms' ruptured spleen was a gruesome injury - unless you play for the Shenyang Ginde of the Chinese Super League. Then it's nothing more than a stubbed toe.

Midfielder Liu Jianye suffered a split scrotum this week after being kicked by Xiamen Lanshi defender Meng Yao during a club match.

That's one club I don't want to join.

According to a wire story out of Beijing, Jianye will need surgery and at least 10 stitches.

And lots and lots of help in the bathroom.

Last month, teammate Ousmane Bangoura had his right eyeball ruptured when an opponent kicked him in the face. Shenyang's Wang Jiaduo had his nose broken earlier this season, around the same time fellow defender Wang Qiang had his cheekbone broken.


And these NFL guys think they're so tough.