Fans have voted Cal Ripken as the Orioles' Major League Baseball Hometown Hero.

The first 10 "winners" were revealed on ESPN as Ripken, Hank Aaron for Atlanta, Frank Thomas for the White Sox, Dontrelle Willis for Florida, Babe Ruth for the Yankees (not Luis Sojo? No way!), Reggie Jackson for Oakland, Mike Schmidt for Philadelphia, Wade Boggs for Tampa Bay, Joe Carter for Toronto and Gary Carter for Washington.


I would have assumed Jeff Conine for the Marlins, but whatever.

Anyone think Brooks Robinson was more deserving than Ripken? Tough call.

Switching topics here:

Do I want "Baltimore" on the Orioles' road jerseys?

Absolutely. It never should have come off. And it should have returned a long, long time ago.

Will it make a bit of difference in the won-loss record?

Get real.

I'll take Alfonso Soriano in left field over a uniform change, but both would be better.

This declaration won't go over well in this blog, I'm sure, but Derek Jeter should be the American League's MVP.

Forget the uniform and consider the player. He deserves it.

Besides the numbers, the guy is so clutch.

Even Jason Giambi doesn't have anything bad to say about him.

Speaking of the Yankees, how would you like Gary Sheffield in the Orioles' lineup next season?

It could happen. He's definitely on the team's radar.