Two games, two losses

While flipping between two games last night, I wasn't sure which team was going to score the most, the Boston Red Sox or New York Giants.

The smart money was on the Red Sox, but the Giants rallied late and topped them.


When Ravens tight end Todd Heap says the opening drive with Steve McNair was "perfect," is he including his offsides penalty at the 1-yard line?

Here's hoping the Ravens keep putting Heap in motion and using Daniel Wilcox as an H-back. They'll get the most out of both players.


How is coach Brian Billick supposed to find enough touches for Musa Smith this season?

Kyle Boller is catching heat again for tripping twice while dropping back to pass, but cut the guy some slack: At least he got up.

We're not hearing a lot about him today, but was anyone else impressed with linebacker Mike Smith?

Rookie running back P.J. Daniels is still trying to get a handle on the offense.

The Ravens might want to put one on the football for him.

Here's the part of my entry where I try to find something positive to say about the Orioles' performance last night...