Talk about a letdown. The Orioles win the first game against the Twins and still lose the series, despite missing Minnesota's best starters.

Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo couldn't remember ever seeing Kris Benson pitch so far up in the strike zone.


"He really didn't command anything," Perlozzo said.

Benson wasn't ready to concede that he threw poorly.

"I looked at videotape and they hit some pretty good balls, to tell you the truth," he said. "There's not much you can do when they hit the ball to the opposite field and it falls a few feet inside the line.

"They just hit the ball well and put it in play and got base hits."

As for being up in the strike zone, Benson said, "I've been up plenty of times and gotten outs."

Just not enough of them tonight.

The Twins could be very dangerous in the playoffs - if they make it.

"They're a solid team," Perlozzo said. "They do a lot of things right."

"They're not going to scare you on paper," Kevin Millar said, "until you face them."

What's not to like about Joe Mauer? And Justin Morneau? And all those young starters? And pretty much everyone in the bullpen?