Our amazing wordsmiths

No one has written in response to the "Linnaeus on the copy desk" posting to ask for a similar set of classifications of reporters and writers. Do I have to drop a hint with a clang?

Here's a start. What follows is a set of titles for categories of writers. Now comes audience participation! Interactivity! You do the work.

The Crown Prince and/or the Princess Royal

Mute Inglorious Milton

The Supreme Pontificator

Who Touched My Story

Mirror, Mirror

By the Word

High Camp

The Duckbilled Platitude

Columnist Party Apparatchik

Plain But Earnest

Goodbye English Prose

I have written entries for these categories, which are available to readers of this blog on request. But I’m reluctant to publish them, because I’d rather not have to pay someone to start my car for me every day.