Fighting mad in Toronto

I hear the Toronto Blue Jays have come up with a new slogan:

"Toronto Blue Jays Baseball: Our Manager Can Beat Up Your Manager."


I also hear that Vernon Wells feels neglected and is demanding a trade, since he's the only player that John Gibbons hasn't tried to pummel.

You can't ignore one of your stars and still have his respect.


Gibbons stormed after Ted Lilly last night after removing the left-hander from the game, and being shown up on the mound.

It might be the first time that a manager asked his pitcher for the baseball, and a couple of teeth.

I checked with an Ottawa official, and he says Hayden Penn's pitch count is accurate in last night's boxscore: 124 in 5 2/3 innings.

I'll be sure to check again when I get to Camden Yards, and gauge the Orioles' reaction.

That seems pretty extreme, though if the Orioles wanted him to get in better shape, that should do it.

David Newhan, on an injury rehab assignment with Double-A Bowie, was timed at 3.8 and 3.9 seconds going from home to first base during last night's game. He reached on an infield hit, tripled off the right field fence and made a running catch in left-center field.