Lance Armstrong is encouraging Floyd Landis to stop talking to the media.

His other advice: Stop taking synthetic testosterone.


Kudos to the reader who caught a mistake in The Sun's quiz today. Chris Ray isn't a rookie, so he can't break the single-season rookie saves record.

We're just making sure that everyone is paying attention.

My first prediction of the week: Today's Orioles-Red Sox game will last 8 hours, 52 seconds.

And it's only going nine innings.

What number is higher: The population of Bangor, Maine or Jon Lester's pitch count?

No fair looking it up.

If you're the Orioles, would you want Preston Wilson, who was designated for assignment by the Houston Astros?

Do the Astros need a struggling pitcher who's been taken out of the rotation and relegated to bullpen mop-up duty? If so, I think we might have a match.

Mark Prior is back on the disabled list with shoulder tendinitis. Let's all bow our heads and give thanks that Orioles executives Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette didn't swap Miguel Tejada for him over the winter.

Be honest: How many of you wanted that trade to go through back in December?