Before I begin, let's wait for it together.

Here it comes.




Melky Cabrera's foot just touched first base. But C.B. Bucknor still thinks he's safe.

One more game in the Bronx and the Orioles return home, which means I'll be blogging from the Yard.

It seems like forever.

I guess we can assume that Nick Markakis stays in the No. 2 slot in the order. I don't imagine that  manager Sam Perlozzo consults with the front office over every lineup decision, but Markakis has been a special case since spring training. There was much debate about keeping him on the team and where to play him. The Orioles are being extremely careful with their top prospect. But it certainly was time to move him up.

Armando Benitez blew his eighth save last night, for those of you keeping score at home. None of them will make us forget the 1997 American League Championship Series.

Marquis Grissom. Tony Fernandez. A slider.

I'm feeling sick.

Taking the mound yesterday for the Long Beach Armada, Jose Canseco walked five batters and hit four in 4 1/3 innings.

That qualifies him to be a set-up man for the Orioles.

Speaking of which, would Guillermo Mota really be an upgrade? I'm not feeling it.

Throws hard, gets hit harder. But hey, what's one more 6.21 ERA in the bullpen?

The heat's already on new Raiders quarterback Aaron Brooks, and we're one game into the exhibition schedule.


Seems that he's been somewhat of a disappointment so far, and concerns are growing that he's not an upgrade over Kerry Collins.

I guess the NFL package, and his games in New Orleans, weren't available in the Oakland area.

Koren Robinson's BMW reportedly was clocked going more than 100 mph in a 55 mph zone when the Vikings receiver was arrested on two DWI charges. Oh yeah, and fleeing police. Let's not forget that one.

I've asked this question before, but it's worth repeating: If you choose to drive while intoxicated, and that's always a bad choice, why draw so much attention to yourself?

More than 100 mph?

Why not blare the horn, too? Or flash the lights?

Maybe go in reverse.

Before I hit the showers, special thanks to the fine folks at the Driftwood Inn, who took very good care of a certain blogger/radio co-host. Great food, great atmosphere, great company.