A lost lead at Fenway

I really need to get out more.

I just found out that you can rent DVDs at McDonald's. I'm not sure what the connection is between the two - movies and clogged arteries - but it's true.


I also hear you can adopt a baby at Wendy's.

The next time we start evaluating Kris Benson and the trade with the Mets, let's tack on another win that he should have received today.


I'm not with the team, but I can only speculate that the Orioles are keeping Russ Ortiz to fill a right-handed long-relief role, though Rodrigo Lopez is available for mop-up duty at the present time. And darned happy to do it, too.

Heck, can you come up with a better reason for Ortiz still being on the roster?

And incriminating photos don't count.

Maybe Ortiz gets released if Hayden Penn is recalled before rosters expand on Sept. 1. Not that I'm rooting for it to happen. I'm just saying...

Chuck: The last time I asked manager Sam Perlozzo about moving up Nick Markakis in the order, he mentioned how he'd like to have a right-handed bat in the ninth slot, but didn't know if there was a player on the roster who belonged there.

Chris Vinyard's 18th double last night set a single-season record at Aberdeen.

I doubt if such information will help you win any bar bets, but there it is anyway.

Speaking of the IronBirds, they trailed Vermont, 4-2, heading into the ninth inning last night. They scored a run and still had the bases loaded with no outs when Dave Cash tripled to left-center field. When the throw got past the third baseman, Cash jumped to his feet and hustled home, giving Aberdeen a 7-4 victory.


Maybe it would have been a better story if Rick Dempsey's son had pinch-hit for Cash. Or at least an ironic one.

It actually would have been impossible. Nevermind.