If you're a scout and you watched Rodrigo Lopez allow 11 hits, but only two runs, in 5 2/3 innings last night, would you still recommend that your club pursue a trade?

The Mets' interest in Lopez reportedly has cooled, but they once had Jose Lima in their rotation.


Now they're getting picky?

Is it just me, or does it seem like Javy Lopez's back feels a lot better when Rodrigo is pitching?

If the Astros are serious about trading for Miguel Tejada, what makes them think the Orioles want Brad Lidge? And why would I want Adam Everett playing shortstop instead of Tejada?

If the Angels want to empty their farm system for Tejada, that's another story. But the Astros?


Given the choice, would you rather watch Russ Ortiz take Kris Benson's spot in the rotation Sunday, or a minor league pitcher such as James Johnson or Hayden Penn?

Why don't I feel better about a two-game winning streak?

Must have something to do with that 3-3 road trip.

Why do so many people think Mark Teixeira is a free agent after this season?

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry says manager Dusty Baker will finish the season.

Did anyone clear that with Baker first?

Have any Bengals been arrested or failed a drug test today?

It's almost noon. It should have happened by now.