I guess I should have become more suspicious of the Tour de France when Jose Canseco began writing a book about it.

This year's champion, Floyd Landis, reportedly has tested positive for high levels of testosterone.


Your first clue: When he tore off his yellow jersey like Hulk Hogan.

In case you missed it, check out Jason Whitlock's No. 1 NFL truth for 2006:

Trying to improve the character of their team and their tarnished reputation, the Bengals have signed Ricky Williams, Dexter Manley and the 1919 Black Sox.

Alex Rodriguez can't catch a break. The Yankees hit the road, allowing him to escape all the booing in the Bronx, and he winds up in Texas.

I'm still trying to figure out how Brandon Fahey ran down that ball in left field last night, crashing into the fence and being knocked back about 50 feet.

Fence wins every time, especially when you're 97 pounds and Kate Moss is making skinny jokes about you.

I don't want Fahey being my starting left fielder on Opening Day, but he has to be on the roster. What a valuable guy.

I agree with Peter Schmuck. Go hard after free-agent outfielder Carlos Lee this winter. The Orioles can't justify trading for him now and renting him for a few months. Only contenders do that. But don't be outbid for the guy when he hits the market.

Just don't.

And here's an idea: Act quickly. Agents get real impatient when they're kept waiting. Same with rival GMs.

The Sun's Jeff Zrebiec suggests today that James Johnson could start for the Orioles on Sunday if Kris Benson's sore right elbow doesn't improve, with Hayden Penn and Daniel Cabrera remaining at Triple-A Ottawa. Johnson, 9-5 with a 4.13 ERA at Double-A Bowie, won the Jim Palmer Prize last year as the organization's top minor league pitcher.

Johnson, Penn, Cabrera...keep 'em coming.