I do fear for Katharine McPhee at tonight's elimination on American Idol. But as usual, I am ahead of myself.

It was Elvis night, and the kids headed to Graceland to meet with Priscilla and with Tommy Mottola. Priscilla said if Elvis were still around, he would be impressed by these contestants, but looking at her, I couldn't help but think that if Elvis were still around, he, too, probably would have indulged in some ill-advised plastic surgery. Anyway! Here we go ...


Taylor Hicks started with "Jailhouse Rock," including a truckload of dancing, and Randy and Paula loved him, Simon thought it was a "horrible impression," and I was just annoyed. I'm over Taylor, OK? And his shouts of "SOUL PATROL!" I can take him in small doses, but this show does not allow for that.

Next up was Chris Daughtry, and Ryan Seacrest made me think for a moment that he'd been reading my blog and asked Chris what the names of his fan-groups are. I realized why we haven't heard before: "Chris' Crew," "Daughtry Crew," "Chrisaholics" ... Doesn't have quite the same ring as "McPhans" or "Yaminions" or even "Soul Patrol." Anyway, he sang "Suspicious Minds," and it was passable. Paula hyperboled about how "you forget how great that song is until you hear Chris Daughtry sing it -- see you in the finals." Latter part is probably true, but the former? It's ELVIS. Come on! Simon had the most accurate line: "Sunglasses aside, that worked."

Elliott Yamin sang "If I Can Dream," and Tommy Mottola dangled a red herring at us about how he was going to have to work hard on it, but then Elliott was pretty darned awesome. Simon cut to the chase, as per usual: "You came in tonight as the underdog, you sang a song that not a lot of people are going to know, and yet that was the best so far."

Katharine McPhee definitely caught Mr. Mottola's eye with her combination of "Hound Dog" and "All Shook Up." Unfortunately, she got a little shrieky with it and also lost her lyrics in the middle, not the best time in the competition for either of those issues. Randy and Paula both danced around actually critiquing her, but Simon was not so diplomatic, saying the performance looked like "a desperate, manic audition."

Taylor followed up with "In the Ghetto." I don't love the song, which affected my views on his performance, which made me feel insane when the judges were calling it exactly right and perfect and with Simon saying he'd just "sung [himself] into the semi-finals." (I missed Paula's point because my DVR choked and babbled and stuttered over the whole thing.)

Chris then sang "A Little Less Conversation," and I was struck by how totally wrong (as in too low) the key was for most of it -- until he switched to his more natural register, he sounded like he was performing karaoke. Randy and Paula inexplicably loved it, with Randy even saying it was the right key for him, but Simon was on my side, saying the first part was flat and the first song was better. Agreed there for sure.

Elliott sang the heck out of "Trouble," and you could see he thought he had nailed the performance, but it was endearing and not cocky, somehow. Randy and Paula said it was his best performance ever, and Simon said, "I've got to hand it to you tonight -- you deserve to go through to the next round." Agreed again!

Then poor Katharine went with "Can't Help Fallin' in Love," and the judges thought it was better than her first song but not much else. Simon said it was over the top and that she came in at a disadvantage (I guess being the only woman on Elvis theme night?) and chose the wrong songs. It wasn't her best night, that's for sure.

So I'm predicting Kat's out, even though I don't want to. It was a tough night -- we'll see how it plays out this evening.