Nominations sought

A reader was nice enough to point out that I once again received mention in Jorge Arangure's on-line chat for the Washington Post. It went something like this:

(OK, it went EXACTLY like this):


Rockville, Md.: Is Roch as funny in person? His blog is great.

Jorge Arangure Jr.: Roch's life would make for an interesting movie. Perhaps on the lifetime channel.

So true. But this raises an interesting question: Who would play me?

Tori Spelling has appeared in everyline Lifetime Channel movie ever made, but I just don't see that working.

Another reader was kind enough to remind me of another passing over the weekend, besides the actor who played the principal in The Breakfast Club. Craig "Ironhead" Heyward died at age 39 after a 7 1/2-year battle with a recurring brain tumor.

I was stunned by the news, mostly because I had no idea that Heyward had been fighting for his life for so long.

I used to have two nightmares: One was that it was final exam day, I forgot to study, I couldn't find my class and I showed up in my underwear. And the other was I had to tackle Heyward one-on-one.

Very sad, indeed. Rest in peace.

I'm heading to Camden Yards in a few minutes. I'll get you the lineup as soon as I can. We'll see if Javy Lopez is catching Rodrigo tonight, and if Jay Gibbons' knee injury will keep him on the bench.