The streak goes on

How do you know when you've taken a serious tumble in the draft? When the Buffalo Bills use the eighth pick on Donte Whitner.

Those television lights were getting pretty hot for Matt Leinart until Arizona took him at No. 10.


Meanwhile, back at Camden Yards, Miguel Tejada is in the lineup today. I saw him jogging to the trainers room, so he looks fine. Check out where Jeff Conine is batting:

Brian Roberts - 2B


Melvin Mora - 3B

Miguel Tejada - SS

Jay Gibbons - RF

Ramon Hernandez - C

Javy Lopez - DH

Kevin Millar - 1B

Corey Patterson - CF

Jeff Conine - LF


And pitching: Bruce Chen

Think this is an important outing for Chen, especially with Hayden Penn in Triple-A Ottawa's rotation and scheduled to start again tomorrow?