So this American Idol report is going to be a little scattered; please forgive. Had a minor but frightening car accident on the way home last night, and I wasn't so focused once I got to see AI. (I know -- what kind of priorities do I have? Sheesh!) So here's what stuck with me:

  • Kenny Rogers definitely didn't mince words about the contestants. Also, he sure looked young. I'll leave that at that.
  • Simon's burn on Ryan that he looked like he was trying to fit in on Desperate Housewives was pretty funny -- the facial hair did kinda look like Mike Delfino's (you know, true love of Susan, played by Teri Hatcher, whom was seen making out with Ryan last weekend or so?).
  • I'm not a huge country fan, but I still think the song choices were pretty weird -- about as weird as last week.
  • I thought Paris was awesome on "How Do I Live," so Paula and Randy's negativity surprised me.
  • Taylor was boring, but the song didn't help.
  • Katharine was engaging but I didn't love the song.
  • Elliott's nervousness was palpable, but I still like listening to his voice. For me, he's the one who could sing the phone book.
  • Speaking of being able to sing the phone book, Mandisa gave a good performance, but I think there were too many lyrics for her to really show off her voice.
  • I really think a lot of these performers would be better served singing without backup singers.
  • Kellie was OK, after the whole "damage control" yes-I-really-am-this-naive-y'all interview with Ryan.
  • Ace I thought was boring, as Randy said, and I think Simon was going for the "damning with faint praise" thing he pulled on Kevin Covais. I hope the experience doesn't scar him. *cough*
  • I thought Bucky was pretty boring, too, and not as comfortable as he should have been.
  • It was nice to see a different side of Chris Daughtry, but it still wasn't that interesting of a performance.
  • Randy does this thing that drives me INSANE where, during his judging commentary, he will say, "That wasn't a great song for me for you." "That wasn't the best for me for you." "It was a completely different song for me for you." "It didn't show enough for me for you." If you don't think he does that that often, all those quotes are from last week, within three contestants' performances. It makes no sense!!
  • I read that Prince is going to be on a later episode of the show. I also read that he hates the show and has never watched it. It does seem a little odd for him to help some kid get hooked up with a huge complicated record contract when he felt so trapped by his contract a few years ago, but hey, what do I know?

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