Save some runs for today

Be honest, you felt a little bit sorry for Cleveland Indians reliever Danny Graves last night as he was allowing five runs (two earned) in 1 2/3 innings. The poor guy clearly needed to be rescued.

I've never seen a pitcher signal for his own reliever.


I just wish he hadn't kept doing it after every pitch.

Last night's game lasted so long, Luis Matos' shoulder healed.


It took so long, Todd Williams already completed his injury rehab assignment.

It took so long, Melvin Mora filed for free agency.

It took so long, the grounds crew had to mow the grass in the middle of the fifth.

It took so long, Kelly Shoppach collected his first major league hit and later announced his retirement.

Feel free to jump in here.

I was asked if Jay Gibbons injured himself while beating out an infield hit last night. I'll send along the lineup momentarily. Guess we'll find out.

I also had someone ask about the major league minimum salary. It's $327,000. How is anyone supposed to live on that?

Val Majewski is on a split contract. He made the minimum last season because he was on the disabled list the entire time. Now he receives 80 percent of what he made last year when he's in the minors. He made major league pay for one day.