Now it's just a race to see if I can post about last night's American Idol before tonight's starts! I'm such a procrastinator.

Well, I am just going to have to stop being so judgmental of the AI themes before they happen because every time I think it's going to be awful, it's not, and vice versa. The kids did pretty well with the standards, but still, I have to say, I don't think standards are a good judge of whether someone will make a good pop star. At least it was entertaining. So, here we go:


Chris Daughtry toned it down for "What a Wonderful World" and, despite the bad '80s vest, did a nice job. I did keep waiting for the rock break, but thankfully, it never came. The judges liked it, with Simon (jokingly, I thought) "taking credit" for the performance since he told him to chill on the rock thing.

Paris Bennett sang "Foolish Things," and despite somewhat stilted delivery on a few lines (and being dressed in the brightest suit at the Future Business Leaders of America national conference), she did amazingly well. I think she even won me back over after that week where she sang all her interview answers to Ryan. Judges? Loved it.

Extra, extra! Taylor Hicks did not have his feelings hurt by the skit done on last weekend's Saturday Night Live. He sang "You Send Me," and everyone loved it, even Simon, who said, "It started, and I thought, 'lame cabaret,' but then, magic." (But don't you think he drives the camerapeople crazy with all the moving around?)

Elliott Yamin sang "It Had to Be You," and as usual, I loved his performance. The judges did, too, but again, I'll defer to Simon who said that, at this point, personality plays a big part, and, "I am slightly concerned for you." He's good and consistent, and that doesn't always spell votes. Sadly.

Kellie Pickler sang "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," and it did not end well. Even she acknowledged that she "butchered" the end, but she might have gotten a big clue when Simon dropped his head down on the desk mid-performance. Paula tried to make it all better by saying she looked purdy, but again, SO CONDESCENDING, PAULA. STOP IT.

Ace Young interviewed before his performance about how he just wanted "approval" from Rod Stewart, and suddenly that yearning look in his eye made so much more sense. He sang "That's All," and I still didn't love it, but it was better than last week, at least. Simon called it "a charming performance," but in that way that meant, "eh, if say anything mean, they'll just vote more."

Katharine McPhee sang "Someone to Watch Over Me," and it was lovely and excellent. Or, as Paula said, she's "falling in love with the essence of who you are," which made me pause, rewind and listen again to see if made sense the second time. Nope. Simon said, "I really think you made the others look like good amateurs."

My predictions for the bottom three: Kellie, Ace and Elliott. Hopefully Ace is going home. Or Kellie. Please not Elliott!

Whew, made it!