Here's your lineup for today's game against the Boston Red Sox in Fort Myers, Fla. If this is the same one that the Orioles break out on Opening Day, I'll wear the Bird costume and dance on top of the dugout.

Eddie Rogers - 2B


Corey Patterson - CF

Jeff Conine - 1B

Jay Gibbons - RF

Kevin Millar - DH

Nick Markakis - LF

Fernando Tatis - 3B

Brandon Fahey - SS

Brandon Marsters - C

And your starting pitcher: Hayden Penn

The Red Sox's lineup includes Coco Crisp, Mark Loretta, Trot Nixon, Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell, J.T. Snow, and Alex Gonzalez. I guess they're taking this thing seriously.

Curt Schilling rolled out of camp so he could pitch in a minor league game down the street from City of Palms Park. Apparently, Schilling doesn't like to pitch against teams in his division, and the Red Sox arranged for him to face Matt Clement in a "game" that won't include umpires. So how do you decide close calls? The honor system?

He'll still complain about getting squeezed.

The Boston media staked out Kevin Millar this morning, and he granted an interview in the Orioles' dugout before batting practice. The first words out of his mouth were: "Today, I consider myself, the luckiest man..."

The Orioles still haven't made an official announcement concerning Richard Hidalgo, but it's coming soon. And it's a mere formality. The guy won't be back with the team. Ever. It's up to team executives Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette to issue a statement, and we can all get on with our lives.


For all you Howie Clark fans: He's visiting a hand specialist today. The team believes Clark is bothered by an old injury to his left hand.

"It's like a bruise," manager Sam Perlozzo said, "but it's on a spot they think is an old injury."