Isn't it nice to watch the Maryland men's basketball team when the Terps
aren't handing their opponent the ball on nearly every possession? North
Carolina must have caught the bug -- the only time the Tar Heels have
caught anything coming toward them -- because they had 11 turnovers in the
first 11 minutes. Coach Roy Williams is ready to punt his chair into the
eighth row. So why is Maryland up by only two at the half? I've got a bad,
bad vibe here.
  Williams is having his patience tested, for sure. I guess when every
player on your roster declared for the NBA draft at halftime of the
national championship game, it takes a little time to reload.

Meanwhile, Mike Martz agreed to become the Detroit Lions' offensive
coordinator, but reports have surfaced that contract talks broke down.
Can't this team do anything right?
  At least there isn't a lot of media in Detroit this week. I'm sure nobody
will notice.


I'm curious about how many of you find fault with Murry Bergtraum High
girls basketball coach Ed Grezinsky allowing senior guard Epiphanny Prince
to score a national-record 113 points yesterday in a 137-32 win over
Brandeis? Should Prince have come out of the game as the lead grew to
embarrassing proportions, or was it OK to let her go for Cheryl
Miller's record of 105 points, set in 1982?
  Brandeis coach Vera Springer has cast her vote. She told the New York
Post: "Why would you do this against a team like ours?" Noting that her
squad stopped playing defense, Springer added: "She didn't earn this. It
was like picking on a handicapped person."
  I'm not sure that's how I'd try to motivate my players. I' bet they'll
be overflowing with confidence in their next game.
  Prince was 54-for-60 from the field. Rumor has it Kobe Bryant saw her
stats and said, "That girl shoots way too much."