You can find anything on the internet these days, including a list of the
top 10 internet search items for the week ending Jan. 28.
      1. Poker 
      2. Lita 
      3. NFL 
      4. WWE 
      5. Anna Benson 
      6. KaZaA 
      7. Pam Anderson
       8. Britney Spears 
      9. Paris Hilton 
      10. NBA 
      Can someone please explain No. 2 to me? I was just told that No. 6 is
a music sharing system, like Napster or iTunes. I'm still trying to get the
clock to stop blinking on my VCR.

I found an old baseball trivia book while going through some boxes
last night. It's dated 1988, but most of the content is still timely. Be
honest: How many of you knew that a ground ball that goes past the pitcher,
hits the rubber and rolls into foul territory between first base and the
plate is ruled foul? How many of you have even seen it happen? As of 1988,
only one player in the last 50 years had gotten pinch hits from both sides
of the plate in the same World Series. Name him. I'll provide a clue later
if needed.