No, it was just "Auditions: Week 5B," the episode title for Wednesday's American Idol. It felt somewhat like 58, though. After all the hours of badness, finally we got to see the supposed best of the best. They were going from 44 finalists to 24, so 20 were getting the cut (ooh, look, a journalist did some math!). So here's who made it:

Katharine McPhee: The daughter of the vocal coach who was praised for her voice and her control thereof. She got pretty excited at making the cut and kissed all three judges on the lips.


Ace Young: The cute rocker. Also friends with the other cute rocker Chris Daughtry, as we could see them worrying and waiting together. Awww, rocker luv.

Chris Daughtry: See above. He also made it. He's the one with the loving wife and stepkids.


Robert Bennett Jr.: I don't remember this guy.

Mandisa: Before hearing whether she had made the cut, Mandisa very calmly and gracefully told Simon that his comments (during her first audition, he said some things about her weight after she left the room) had hurt her, that she had cried, but that she had forgiven him and wanted him to know that. He demured, said, "I'm just appalling, aren't I?" and they hugged. Then she found out she made the cut. Liking her so far.

Melissa McGhee: Dunno her either.

Lisa Tucker: The 16-year-old with the big voice, a doppelganger mom and a fairly mature attitude.

David Radford: One of the teen crooners. The judges seem to love him. I think he could be a one-trick pony, but we'll see.

Sway: Survived being a group with a Brittenum and got the news he was in the finals on his birthday.

Elliott Yamin: See "Sway," except for the birthday part.

Brenna Gethers: Fought with her group, mouthed off to Simon, said, "People don't like me, but that's OK," compared herself to Simon. I wasn't that impressed with her voice, but she does have presence.

Gedeon McKinney: 17-year-old with a big, soulful voice and an ego to match. He was totally sure he was going to make the cut and told the judges as much: "You have to have it. It. It. It. It." As Simon said, if they had heard the spiel before the decision, it might have gone the other way.

Stevie Scott: Has a classical background that she would like to "infuse" into other music. Seems good and super-enthused. Witness this quote: "What a privilege to get to be on American Idol." And how refreshing to hear that instead of "I have it. It. It. It."

Ayla Brown: Basketball player with a strong voice. They gave her some guff about having to decide between the two in the first round, but she's got some chops.

Rebecca O'Donohue: The stunning girl who auditioned while her twin, who couldn't audition because of a vocal cord problem, gestured wildly in the background.


Heather Cox: Don't remember her yet, either.

Bucky Covington: Country twang. Don't recall much else.

Patrick Hall: Strong voice, funny. Said "I'm not as pretty as Ace, but who is?"

Kevin Covais: The sooooooo young kid with the big voice and likeable attitude. Summed up by his mom: "He'd like everybody to win." Awww.

Paris Bennett: I've been spelling her name wrong the 80 other times I've mentioned her. She's good. Happy. Excited. Young. But good.

Kellie Pickler: Kinda country, and I've read that perhaps she's too much like Carrie Underwood to win. But she's pretty good, and she's got the whole life-story thing about being abandoned by her mom and her dad being in jail. (But I hate typing her last name because every time I want to type my maiden name!)

Taylor Hicks: Dubbed the "Silver Fox" by some. I'm not going to call him that, though I do like the guy. He's got a big voice and some personality, though also a pretty twitchy performance style. We'll see how that plays with the voting public.

Kinnick Sky: Not much to say so far except that she was one of the last two women to find out if they'd made the cut and was dragged in with the other girl (Megan Bobo, who wasn't so lucky).

William Makar: The 16-year-old Fred Savage lookalike with a smooth voice.

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