Mention bad trades to Orioles fans, and the Glenn Davis deal usually is
the first one mentioned. But I was reminded of a close second. And reminded
that I needed to put a little more thought into it.

How did the Eddie Murray trade slip past me? Granted, he wanted out of
Baltimore and the relationship was severed, but couldn't the Orioles had
gotten more for him than Ken Howell, Brian Holton and Juan Bell? Remember,
Bell was considered the jewel of the deal, a top-notch shortstop prospect
from the Dodgers. If you forgot, that's because there's no other reason to
remember Bell. He was vastly overrated.


Howell never pitched for the Orioles. You're really on top of things if
you remember that he was dealt to the Phillies for outfielder Phil Bradley.
Holton's appeal was that he was so versatile, he could start or pitch out
of the bullpen. That's like saying I could be a pilot or heart surgeon.
Technically, yes, but I'd be really, really bad at both. But at least
Holton didn't kill anybody. I believe that's what it read on his plaque
after the Orioles retired his number.

Another bad-trade nominee: Catcher Mickey Tettleton to the Tigers for
pitcher Jeff Robinson. I believe there were two Jeff Robinsons pitching in
the majors at the same time. The Orioles got the bad one.

OK, I promise, no more references to Glenn Davis. Except for one quip
from Eric, who took me up on my earlier offer to find a joke related to
Davis' being a city councilman in Georgia. "I heard that he blew out both
of his knees while investigating a pothole."