My body adjusted to the Polar Bear Plunge a lot faster than I anticipated. I just bought a bag of ice at Seven-11 and I'm using it as a beanbag chair.

Like the rest of you, I'm still waiting to find out whether the Tampa Bay Devil Rays change their nickname and how that affects the value of my memorabilia. Will my Toby Hall 14-and-under T-shirt still sell on eBay? What about my Travis Lee bobblehead? My Jose Canseco syringe? I need to know.


Team spokesman Rick Vaughn, former Orioles public relations director, said the change could be "subtle," or it could be "major." Subtle would be dropping Devil and just making them the Rays. Major would be calling them the Yankees, though I think that one's already taken.

Here are a couple NHL results from the weekend: The Hurricanes beat the Thrashers and the Blue Jackets beat the Predators. You're welcome.

The Thrashers? That would be my choice for a nickname if Ocean City ever gets an expansion team.

OK, now I'm totally distracted by the need to devour a bucket of Thrashers fries. I really should improve my diet. I woke up last night to a strange sound, as if the floorboards were creaking in my townhouse. Then I realized it was my arteries hardening. I'm no doctor, but I think that's a warning sign.

As long as we're talking Maryland delicacies, try sprinkling Old Bay on your mac and cheese. Good stuff. I have a friend who travels with a can of it so he can put it on his Hooters wings in Fort Lauderdale. When you start doing that, you're either a real connoisseur or a spice junkie. But who am I to judge? I brush my teeth with the stuff.

Enough of the Food Network. The Wizards sent the Bobcats to their 11th straight defeat on Saturday. That's New Orleans, right? No, wait, it's Charlotte. Yes, definitely Charlotte. Weren't they the Hornets once, or was that Orlando's Arena Football League team?

I love how quickly Charlotte was awarded another NBA franchise. I believe the Hornets were gone for about 27 minutes. Their fans had suffered long enough. The city was given the Bobcats while the Hornets still were cleaning out their lockers. But Baltimore had to wait how long for the NFL to replace the Colts?

While Ravens fans debate whether to hate the Colts or Steelers, and I'll never understand why there's so much anger directed at Pittsburgh, they should loathe Carolina and Jacksonville for getting expansion teams when Baltimore so richly deserved one. Remember when Bob Irsay was greeted as a hero in Jacksonville while shopping the Colts? Fans like myself never thought he'd actually take the team out of Baltimore, but it happened "under the cover of darkness," an expression that's always used when stories are written about the Mayflower vans that pulled out of the Owings Mills complex. The late Sun columnist, John Steadman, once repeated that line in the office and added, "Meanwhile, the place was lit up like a Christmas tree." But it's more dramatic the other way.

On to college basketball, where Morgan State trails by 15 at halftime. And they're not even playing today.

In the upcoming sequel to the movie Good Will Hunting -- titled Good Job Hunting -- Robin Williams hugs Bears coach Butch Beard and repeats "It's not your fault. It's not your fault." I'm sure it isn't, but 0-18 will follow you around like your little brother. Lets hope Beard can get away from it, and fast.

The state is running short on Division I schools with winning records. Loyola is 11-7 overall, but the Greyhounds lost Saturday to a team nicknamed the Peacocks. Try living that one down.

I sure hope Saint Peter's didn't hold a contest to name the team. What entry came in second, the Oven Mitts? I hear the Running Mascaras ran a close third.