Yes, it's true. And those of you who predicted otherwise must feel pretty silly right about now, with your premature draft analysis. And imagine how disappointed the Houston Texas are, knowing they must look elsewhere for a franchise back. But  Michael Bush already has made his decision. He's returning to Louisville for his senior season.

In case anyone cares, USC running back Reggie Bush will announce his decision at a news conference this afternoon.


Was anyone else shocked to learn that Shelden Williams' triple-double last night was the first for a Duke player under coach Mike Krzyzewski? Wouldn't you just assume it had been done before, with all that talent at his disposal? Grant Hill? Christian Laettner? Elton Brand? Maybe if so many guys weren't leaving early these days, it would have occurred sooner. Williams will make a great trivia questions someday. And with attention spans growing shorter by the day, I figure tomorrow would be a good time to break it out.

Now, what were we just talking about?

The Packers are set to offer 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy their head coaching job. I can see why, given all those points San Francisco racked up this season. They should have hired Matt Cavanaugh when they had the chance.

The Astros have asked first baseman Jeff Bagwell to retire. That's got to make him feel good. Sort of like when my ex-wife asked me to move out. She even recommended a nice, warm place for me to go, though I'm not sure Southwest has any flights to hell. At least not without a connection.

By the way, Elevation says hello to MacDog and asks him how the New Era is going. Yeah, I don't get it, either, but I promised.

Speaking of promises, I have to break one that I made yesterday. I have one more Glenn Davis reference, courtesty of Vinny the Lens -- which I assume is a photographer's nickname, or a character in Goodfellas. "Why did Glenn Davis cross the road? Actually, his knees blew out and he never made it across."

Thanks to the reader to pointed out that the Davey Johnson for Earl "Big Money" Williams trade deserves mention in the list of all-time worst deals in Orioles history. Williams drew a dollar sign on the bill of his helmet
to remind us of his nickname. He should have drawn the backside of a donkey to remind us of how he behaved.

By the way, anyone know whatever happened to Big Money? And please don't tell me he's a city councilman.