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Start Me Up

Thank you for putting down the remote for a few moments to read my blog. I'll make this quick, because on some channel right now, there is sports programming going unwatched, and I can't be contributing to such delinquency.

Perhaps you've been reading my sports media column Fridays in The Sun and have thought to yourself, "I'd like to see more from this guy." Or perhaps you've read the articles and thought to yourself, "Who gave this guy a column?" Or perhaps you haven't read the column, nor have you thought to yourself between quotation marks.

In any case, I will be posting on sports media matters, mainly dealing with television, but also on radio, print and Web coverage. The posts will normally be short, both because I know you're busy and because it's less work for me.

We're looking for lots of feedback here, again for a couple of reasons: 1. Diverse observations and opinions make for more intelligent discussion. 2. The more response I get, the more my boss will think I'm doing a good job.

I'm proud to join our roster of Sports bloggers -- Brent Jones, Roch Kubatko and Rick Maese. They quickly have become popular figures at, and I'm basically just trying to grab hold of their coattails and perhaps pick up some reflected glory. (Please note the first mixed metaphor in the very first posting.)

One last thing: I have a single ground rule. No one -- absolutely no one -- can say a bad word about Linda Cohn.   

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