My indifference is in full swing.

Larry Johnson? Yawn.


Matt Hasselbeck? What else you got?

Rudi Johnson?  Mmmmm, not interested. Thanks, though.

With nothing left to play for, no championship on the line, I'm moving on. I've gone from fantasy expert to fantasy expat. Because what's football without fantasizing? It's just a bunch of running around. If I wanted to see that, I'd watch 'Desperate Housewives.'

Seriously, I feel like I've been trapped in the closet (sans melodrama and firearm), and now I'm free. Free to watch the NFL without obsessing about Donte Stallworth's stat line. Free to dash through the snow and deck the halls. Free to work on my 'Survivor' application (Honestly, I think I can win the thing. I'm friendly, tough, but sneakier than a pair of new sneakers. My only concern is that someone on the show will recognize me, a la Gary Hogeboom, thus jeopardizing my chances of winning the million. "Hey, aren't you That Fantasy Guy?" Awkward silence. "Wha - what? No, dude, I'm just a landscaper." Stay tuned.)

But I realize there are those who are keeping hope alive on the fantasy front, and to those people I say: "I'm here for you; I'm just really tired." This Red Bull should help. Be patient.

Among those who will be paying far too much attention to multiple televisions this weekend: Charm City Champions League owners Jason and Doug, who square off in the innaugural Triple-CL championship game in Week 16.

Jason, our 'dutty south' rep and owner of the Fordyce Redbugs, has done 'Bama proud. He went 9-4 during the regular season and has been getting by in style with Larry Johnson and Tiki Barber. I e-mailed Jason right after our draft back in August to let him know I really liked his team, so I'm not surprised he's still alive. See, I'm good at predicting things -- it's my job. Roll Tide.

Doug's our default hometown favorite, even though he's a shameless Browns fan -- and to admit you're a Browns fan, you really do have to be shameless. He's expertly run the Orange and Brown from his home base in Mt. Washington, racking up the most points of any team in the league this season. Doug scraped his way to a 6-7 regular-season record and snuck into the playoffs as the 7 seed, but he has knocked off both division champs (Automatic Winner and Bohica) en route to the championship game. Cleveland rocks.

Good luck, gentlemen. Winner gets this blog.

One final shout-out, to the incorrigible Lucky Pierre, aka Boston Pete, aka The Commish. He gets a mention because, well, because he asked for one. And because he frightens me. But he's good people, and a heck of a fantasizer. Pierre has trampled his way into the championship game of the Boston-based Cornbread Football League, where he meets Bigloo (who I've never met, but who I imagine looks like an igloo, only bigger). Should be a dandy - cornbread is at stake.

Me? I've got no stake in any of this. I'm as free as a bird now (that one's for the Redbugs).

Fantasy Guy, out.