What do you do with the Ravens' five starters that are facing free agency?

Took the weekend off and I had a pretty good one (thanks for asking).

Had a chance to see one of my favorite bands, the Drive-By Truckers, at the Recher on Friday night. They played a bunch of their older stuff; a tremendous show.


On Saturday, I watched my 9-year-old son get his red belt in karate (he will soon be able to kick his old man's butt. But not yet). Then scooted down the beltway to speak at a Society for American Baseball Research convention in Columbia. Some serious baseball fans were in that room.

And then Sunday we had my son's basketball game and a chili cookoff at our church (which we lost). Yeah, no time for Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend.


Of course, I didn't get by the bar much, and got hammered by some of you for getting lazy. I'm just prioritizing before I spend a month or so down in South Florida for spring training (I know, you all bleed for me).

I also got hammered for this weekend's question about re-signing Brian Roberts or Ray Lewis, but not both. (Free drink tab goes to Noel J. for her suggestion that Lewis sign as a multi-sports star and catch for the Orioles. Imagine those home-plate collisions).

I understand the question was the old cliché, apples to oranges, I was just curious where the loyalties were. And most of you -- who didn't remark that it simply was a dumb question. Hey, they can't all be up for the blog Pulitzer -- were loud and clear.

Ray Lewis is incomparable. And you want him to be a Raven for life. Makes plenty of sense to me. But if Ray stays, somebody else, maybe a couple somebodies, have to go. Although Terrell Suggs said that's not necessarily the case if they agree to hometown discounts to stay. And that's encouraging.

Still, the Ravens have five starters that are unrestricted free agents: defensive standouts Lewis, Suggs, Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard and center Jason Brown.

You'd be hard pressed to keep them all, improve the offense and still stay under the cap. So something has to give. I want to know who you think the Ravens should re-sign and which of the five starters they should allow to walk.

Daily Think Special: What do you do with the Ravens' five starters facing free agency?