Here are a few good reads for a Monday morning ... has an interesting read on why people want to see Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson.

I want to see Franklin-Henderson because it will be a great fight but the "prize" for the winner just does not make sense. Neither guy wants to be at 185. Henderson resisted the move for months until UFC president Dana White convinced him to fight Anderson Silva. I can't see Hendo having any desire to stay at 185 to work his way to a title shot. Franklin has even less to gain from a TUF stint with a Bisping fight at the end of the line. Bisping is being groomed for a title shot at 185. Franklin fights at 205 now. He's said publicly he doesn't want to be away from his family for six weeks in Vegas and that it makes little sense for him since he's trying to make his way at 205.

I get that the UFC is building up Bisping because of his international star power but it doesn't make sense to do it at the expense of Franklin or Henderson working toward a title shot in their desired weight classes.

Another interesting read is this story on Joe Frazier. Apparently, he doesn't like "boxing today" (MMA).

""It gets me all confused. When a man falls you go to a neutral corner and the referee counts him out, but today a man falls they jump on him, kick him, bite him. I don't really know what's going on." -Joe Frazier on MMA.

I know Joe is getting up there in years and that he's taken one too many shots to the head, but come on. Biting? What kind of MMA is he watching? Is he sure he's not watching a National Geographic show about shark attacks?

Here's an interview with Dana White on Among the news revealed: MMA sanctioning in New York is coming, Rampage gets the next title shot at 205, UFC 92 crushed the PPV buys for the Brock Lesnar-Randy Couture fight at UFC 91, and he will try to sign Fedor Emelianenko after Affliction folds.