No Ramon Hernandez? No Daniel Cabrera?

Who are you guys going to complain about next season? Your old stand-bys have hit the highway. These are the Orioles, though. I'm sure they'll offer some solid candidates.


(You won't be picking on me, based on some of Friday's thoughts. I've got too many friends in this place. Jack, for instance, wasted a cold beer for a good cause. For the record, I have probably written some 3,000 stories in the past two decades that didn't end in a question. But not one blog entry. I'm proud of that. And it's amusing when someone doesn't get it.)

My take on the Daniel Cabrera non-tendering situation is that I didn't think the Orioles could afford to dump a starter – even one so inconsistent – with how thin their rotation is right now. But I don't have to budget his salary, either. He will be starting a game for some major league team in April, however. I guarantee it.

My random guess: The Pittsburgh Pirates.

All right, let's switch to football for the traditional weekend entry. And let's put a little extra twist on it.

Steelers in Baltimore Sunday with the AFC North title essentially on the line. I am playing homer yet again and going with the Ravens. I just don't see them losing at home right now.

My score? 20-13 Ravens.

Now, let's take it a step further. Predict a player of the game. Can be on either side – yes we're letting Steelers fans in here, too. We're just not serving IC or IC Light. Yuns can go west to get that.

Anyway, my pick to steal the game: Bart Scott.

Why? I don't know. I just think he'll get up for this one and be in the right place at the right time.

Daily Think Special: Who will be Sunday's player of the game?

Bonus Think Special: Predict the winner and score of Sunday's Ravens-Steelers contest.