About those lavender (or gray) coats the Ravens coaches were wearing

So on Monday, there was a bit of a playful debate in our office about the coats members of the Ravens coaching staff were wearing. Our editors had been getting snarky emails from Ravens' fans throughout the game on Sunday wondering why the Baltimore coaching staff appeared to be wearing down jackets that looked like they had a light purple hue. Beneath the M&T Bank Stadium lights, they looked almost, well, lavender.

It seemed that it would be humorous if true, considering the testosterone required for football. Upon further inspection, looking over the photos from the game, they did appear to have almost the slightest lavender glow. In the spirit of gentle fun, Candus Thomson and I squared off in Tuesday's Face Off, debating whether or not this was a good idea.


The online comments poured in, with many fans agreeing the jackets did seem like an odd choice, while others demanded we visit the eye doctor. A third group was equally outraged we'd waste our time with something so trivial.

(Whenever we have playful Faceoffs, they seem to inspire the most outrage. The angriest emails and comments I've ever received came when, in a pinch, because little else was going on, I attempted to channel Jessica Simpson debating herself over whether she should wear a pink cowboy jersey. Readers wanted to draw and quarter me. People take their sports seriously.)


A few examples of the reaction over lavender coats:

-- I'm as macho as the next guy, but I did notice the jackets. Sort of subconsciously. I kept thinking (really) What is it that's wrong on the sidelines? Seriously, whenever they cut there i thought those jackets look funny...but I was so into the game that I didn't take it any further. However, now that you mention it, yeah, it was the jackets. They looked like a kind of puked out light blue/grey...ugly, and just weird.

--Who wrote this article? Are they color blind? Those jackets looked nothing like lavender. You could tell easily that they were gray/silver. They need to take down this embarassing article.

--I think they are gray personally, but with lighting they may appear purple

--Why is this even a debate item. Those poofy, quilted lavender jackets are for sissies. Does the league dictate what the coaches wear? 

--They're 100% Gray. Every NFL team has that exact jacket in that exact shade of gray. They're called the "NFL Shield Heavyweight Sideline Jacket".

--I'm with Candus ... lose the lavendar (thanks for clarifying what the color actually was). My wife and I argued the whole game as to what the color was...she said a light shade of purple. I said there's no way in h*** -- had to be a light gray or something. No self respecting coach or football player should wear that color.

So what is the truth? According to Ravens Director of Media Relations Chad Steele -- who emailed me to clear things up -- they're all silver.


Kevin and Candus,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note in regards to your "Faceoff" yesterday about the coaches jackets on Sunday. Our coaches sideline jackets are silver, not lavender. From what I understand on some TV sets they looked lavender, but on others, they do look their true color. As an aside, the franchises do choose the color of their sideline gear, Reebok designs the apparel as far as color and style and the organizations just order the amount of what styles they receive.

So there you go. From what I understand, something like 10 percent of men are color blind, so perhaps that's my excuse. The rest of you might want to fiddle with the television.