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The creepy footed chicken nuggets in this Getty Images photo are part of an installation of a "pet store" by artist Banksy in New York City. Crazy modern artists.


Aunt Mabel , who never throws anything away, made her Frank Perdue Memorial diorama out of some really old marshmallow Easter peeps.
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard

This guy is putting custom-made tires on his Bigfoot truck before a car show in Pennsylvania. Now that gas prices are so cheap, maybe we'll be seeing more of these on the road. (AP photo)

This rig will have to be renamed after it receives the "Pamela Anderson" upgrade installation.
Submitted by Vince Schuman

These oddly shaped veggies are shown off by a Chinese exhibitor. We wonder if the eye and beak came on it originally or if they were added post-harvest. (Getty Images)

That guy must be out of his GOURD!
Submitted by Jeff Wellman (This caption won just because it was such a groaner. Well done on the cheap laughs, Jeff.)

The Beluga whale in this Getty Images photo is wearing a Christmas themed hat. Nothing screams Christmas more than volleyballs, sandbox buckets and tinsel.

Not wanting to be excluded from the running for President-elect Obama's new pet, Baby Beluga demonstrates his aptitude for playing fetch and looking cute.
Submitted by Cait

"Be honest... Does this hat make me look fat?"
Submitted by D.Keefer

Racing infants appears to be the latest fad in entertainment in Minsk, Belarus. "Rochelle, Rochelle" anyone? ("Well, you've made a long journey, from Milan to Minsk") (Getty Images)

I will not do "right hand gray" it would make me fall over.
Submitted by Phyllis Reinhard

Try again this week to make our funniest captions cut, including this photo of an ice cream vendor not ready to give up on the season.