Did Andy Reid make a mistake by benching Donovan McNabb?

We should be able to sell those Purple Passion drinks aplenty at the bar today. A 2-for-1 special. I'll throw in the purple and black umbrellas just for fun.

There are many good things to highlight after Sunday's 36-7 Ravens victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. The defense played superbly, Le'Ron McClain had a career game and I'm almost getting sick of lauding Joe Flacco.


No one in the bar this weekend predicted such a blowout, but the closest was Ravenator (28-10). So open tab for you today, big guy (or girl. Hard to tell with the beak on).

I admit I was surprised that the Ravens' D handled the Eagles' offense so easily. But what shocked me was Eagles' head coach Andy Reid's decision to bench Donovan McNabb. He looked terrible in the first half, and has played terribly recently, but he is still McNabb.


And the Eagles weren't buried yet when McNabb was pulled. Reid sad he was looking for a spark in Kevin Kolb, and now he likely has an inferno of controversy on his hands.

Me, I thought it was an awful decision made by a desperate club. Bottom line is that the Ravens' defense was clicking, and when it is, life is tough for any opposing quarterback.

But maybe I am wrong here. I know this isn't a Baltimore issue, but I want to hear from all of you football people out there. Were you surprised by Reid's decision? Do you think Kolb gave the Eagles a better chance? Obviously, it didn't work out numbers-wise, but was it worth the shot?

Daily Think Special: Did Eagles' coach Andy Reid make a mistake by yanking Donovan McNabb? As a Ravens' fan were you glad to see it?

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