Where does CC Sabathia end up? How much does he get?

Step aside everyone. I'm throwing elbows here. Time for a quick rant.

I wrote a column for Tuesday's editions about the Orioles' need to put full-court pressure on free-agent Mark Teixeira. Some people agreed and others said that Teixeira wasn't worth the money he will command -- $20-million-plus per season. And others said he wouldn't come here anyway, so he's not worth the time.


I have no problem with those opinions. But here's the one that gets me. All of those people who say the money the Orioles could spend on Teixeira needs to go to lefty CC Sabathia because the Orioles need pitching.

Let me get this out of my system. Yes, they need pitching, but Sabathia isn't coming here. Doesn't matter how much you give him. Every contender in baseball wants him and several are willing to be the highest bidder – at whatever cost. There is NO reason for him to come to Baltimore. Period.


Now, combine that with the fact the Orioles historically don't give out four-year deals for free-agent pitchers, much less the six or so it would take to get Sabathia. And, keep in mind, long-term deals to pitchers rarely work out anyway.

Truth is none of the most coveted free agents want to come to a consistent loser when they have similar offers elsewhere. Teixeira and A.J. Burnett are the only ones the Orioles have a chance at – longshots, mind you -- and only because of their ties to the area. Even then, that probably won't be enough, no matter the money offered.

To recap, Teixeira likely won't be an Oriole, but it is at least conceivable. Sabathia's future employment here is not. At all. So let's not confuse the issue.

Pheww, I feel better already. But since I started the Sabathia rant I might as well finish it by asking you to give me your predictions on his final destination (and, no, it won't be the Orioles).

Daily Think Special: Where will CC Sabathia end up? How much will he get?