Baltimore Sun

TGIF: Taylor Branch and his band

Baltimore's Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer Prize-winnning author who has chronicled the life of Martin Luther King, has  another career -- just in case the book thing doesn't work out. He (pictured on the right) and a couple of college bandmates have reunited to produce a new CD called The Blue Album, an homage to the Fab Four. The latest from Off Our Rocker will be released Monday, and judging from cuts available online, it ain't half bad, especially "You're Gonna Lose That Girl."

Here's a bit of the group's light-hearted promotion: "OverTime, their 2006 debut CD, has gone plastic to sell dozens of copies. ... Now the dream continues. Here is The Blue Album, your share of pure wannaBeatles zest and devotion." Other members of the group are Bill Guy, a retired attorney who has recorded Christian music, and John Yelverton, a real estate developer.

Photo by Diane Guy via the Off Our Rocker Web site