Eat in Season Challenge: Tapas Teatro

Tapas Teatro in Station North will take Slow Food Baltimore's Eat in Season Challenge Nov. 8-15. Chef Antonio Baines has created seasonal, locally sourced tapas dishes for the challenge, which is the seventh in the series.


Now that the series is drawing to a close (there's one more in December), I'm curious: Is anyone participating? I haven't heard word one from any of you on the subject. I don't mean are you going to Tapas Teatro when you would anyway, or ordering something from the special menu just because it happens to be there, but are you going to any of these restaurants specifically for the locavore menus? ...

Anyway, all the produce and herbs are from Fig Leaf Farm in Howard County, five acres leased by Tapas Teatro owner Qayum Karzai (also owner of 'b" in Bolton Hill and the Helmand in Mount Vernon).

The apples are from Black Rock Orchards in Carroll Country and poultry and eggs are from Evensong Farms in Sharpsburg.

Here's the menu:

* Fried green tomatoes with herb-scented yogurt and a sweet garlic-cornichon-piquillo vinaigrette ($6.95)

* Mixed roasted beets "au jus" finished with pinenuts, hazelnut oil, and sea salt ($5.95)

* Roasted beet and arugula salad with toasted hazelnuts, dried cherries, currants, golden raisins, and marinated red onion finished with a currant vinegar-elderberry vinaigrette ($8.95)

* Roasted turnips "au jus" finished with shaved garlic, farm fresh sage, cracked peppercorns, and housemade creme fraiche ($6.95)

* Brussels sprouts in a parmesan-truffle cream ($7.95)
* Pan-roasted halibut paired with wilted spinach finished in a Serrano horseradish cream ($14.95)

* Duck leg confit with cannellini beans ($17.95)

* Organic egg omelet with farm fresh broccoli, cremini mushrooms, Swiss, and truffle peelings ($8.95)

* Chicken and orzo soup with roasted garlic, fennel, and mint ($6.00)

* Dessert: winesap apples in puff pastry ($5.95)

(Photo of Fig Leaf Farms banana peppers by Kim Hairston/Sun photographer)