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DeRay Mckesson finishes 6th in Democratic primary for Baltimore mayor

DeRay Mckesson finished sixth in Baltimore's Democratic primary for mayor.

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson finished in sixth place Tuesday in the Democratic primary for Baltimore mayor.

With 99 percent of results tallied, Mckesson garnered 3,077 votes — or 2 percent of the total. He outperformed earlier polling that showed him at less than1 percent.

In an email to supporters, Mckesson said he was proud of his campaign, which he said "challenged the status quo of Baltimore's politics."

"While we did not win tonight, what we did was very important, and I want you to be as proud of our work together as I am," Mckesson said. "We did something very special, and it sets the table for what else is possible."

Mckesson, who has a large online following on Twitter and has won praise from high-ranking officials such as President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was the last of 13 Democrats to enter the mayor's race in February.

He said he targeted 30,000 Baltimore voters over the campaign's final 30 days. Mckesson spent Election Day visiting polling stations and attempting to win over supporters.

Margaret Stansbury, 29, of Midtown, cast her ballot for Mckesson at the Waxter Center. She said she had initial concerns about his level of experience, but he won her over.

"When I heard more about his experience, that did it for me," she said.

Likewise, Mark Longhurst, 39, of Midtown, said he voted for Mckesson because he wanted change in Baltimore.

"We need someone who can shake Baltimore up," he said.

The Democratic primary was won by state Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, who finished with 37 percent of the vote. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon finished in second with 34 percent.



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