The creator of “The Wire” has started his next project and is currently filming in Baltimore.

David Simon, creator of the 2000s HBO crime drama, has begun production of his “The Plot Against America” miniseries, an adaptation of the Philip Roth book of the same name.


HBO announced last year that Simon and Ed Burns would write and produce a six-part series based on the book. Burns also collaborated with Simon on “The Wire.”

The 2004 book examines what would’ve happened if Franklin Roosevelt lost the 1940 presidential election to famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, a noted Nazi sympathizer.

In the book, the country follows the former “America First” candidate into forming alliances with Germany and Japan and relocating Jewish Americans to rural areas.

David Simon is a co-producer and co-writer of a six-part HBO series based on Philip Roth's 2004 novel "The Plot Against America."

Simon was seen filming on the deck of the SS John W Brown, a World War II Liberty ship docked in Canton, where he’s expected to continue filming Friday.

In an email, Simon confirmed that he was filming for “The Plot Against America.”

“We utilized the John W Brown for a British military transport and played Baltimore harbor for wartime Portsmouth, UK,” he wrote.

He added the soldiers in the photo were portraying Candian commandos and production will move to Washington D.C. tomorrow.

The crew was also seen filming in Paterson, New Jersey in May, according to northjersey.com.

Roth died in May 2018 and is listed as an executive producer on the project.