Maryland police dog really isn't feeling the whole work thing — that is, until he gets his morning belly rubs

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We've all had those mornings: You hit the snooze button 16 times, drag your feet getting out of bed, and no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, the prospect of going to work seems insurmountable.

Turns out, dogs have those days, too (maybe minus the coffee). Jango, a K-9 deputy with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office, had such a morning recently.


When it came time to leave for work with his human partner, sheriff's Deputy Ryan Costin, Jango refused. He laid on the grass and wouldn't budge, as Costin tried to coax him into the car.

Finally, Costin resorted to a little bribery, in the form of a belly rub. That did the trick, as Jango promptly hopped into the backseat.


The scene was captured in a video that Costin posted to Facebook last week, which has been viewed over 850,000 times.

Jango, a Belgian Malinois, has been a member of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office since 2013. He was the unit's first K-9 to be trained in narcotics detection, the Capital reported when he joined the department.

Luckily for Jango, his employer saw some humor in his efforts to ditch work.

"A beautiful Spring day makes the best Deputies want to play hooky!!" the department wrote on Facebook. "Yes we all love working at the Sheriff's Office, but just like our human Deputies, when spring fever hits even our awesome K-9's just want to go to the park and lie in the cool grass and maybe play a little catch....or um fetch!!"

Same, Jango, same.