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Sherban Young: Master of the mystery caper

Local author Sherban Young pens what he calls "mystery capers." The 37-year-old Ellicott City resident got interested in solving puzzles and mysteries through CD-ROM interactive adventure games while at Loyola University, where he majored in English literature.

Though in partnership with his father in a Columbia financial planning firm, Young has disciplined himself to devote time each morning to writing his mystery capers.


"I love to solve puzzles," he said, adding that his style of mystery writing enables "readers to enjoy themselves ... my writing is to be entertaining and intriguing. It's in good fun. There's no harsh reality."

For inspiration, Young added that he has always been a fan of Agatha Christie, whom he still reads over and over. And another influence is P.G. Wodehouse.


Young's fifth mystery caper, "Fleeting Memory," was added to Kirkus Reviews' "Best of 2011" list in the Quick-witted Indie category. Kirkus editors chose this novel summarizing it as "intricately plotted, frequently hilarious ... Young's narrative dexterity never flags ... has more barbs than a Dorothy Parker short story and is every bit as enjoyable. An utterly winning, deceptively smart collection of mishaps, plot twists and grinning one-liners."

Don't be surprised to find characters named after poets and poetry references, and don't be surprised to find references to, let's say, Jerry Lewis or Greek gods, either.

In addition to his mystery caper novels, Young recently wrote "Dead Men Do Tell Tales: 60 Mini-Mysteries to Test Your Detective Prowess." These whodunits involve art, music, history, baseball, and literature and pop culture trivia.

Young is presently writing a sequel to "Fleeting Memory," with a working title of "Fleeting Glance."

His books are available as paperbacks through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and may be downloaded for iBooks, Kindles and Nooks, too.