Bahoukas Antiques Mall and BrewMania has something for everyone

Heads up: Entering Bahoukas Antiques Mall and BrewMania MuZeum in Havre de Grace may cause a bit of sensory overload. The 10,000-square-foot shop is jam packed from floor to ceiling with various antiques, toys, collectables and more.

“We have a lot of cool, funky stuff that you won’t find in other stores,” says Barbara Wagner, who owns and operates Bahoukas with her husband, George. The couple met four years ago and married a year later in a Cinderella-themed wedding because George is an avid collector of Cinderella memorabilia.

In 1996, George, opened Bahoukas Collectables in a small shop on Franklin Street after he retired from the military. Twelve years later, Bahoukas Collectables expanded into Bahoukas Antiques Mall, complete with a beer museum on the second floor of the current location. “We have everything beer-related,” says Barbara. “There’s sports memorabilia up there, too. It’s like a man cave.”

Every Friday night, Bahoukas hosts “WhoZwhatsIts” from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. “It’s like Harford County’s version of ‘Storage Wars’ or ‘Pawn Stars,’” Barbara explains. “People can bring in whatever they’re curious about, and we’ll research it and give them a rough idea of how much it’s worth. It’s fun to see what other people have.”

408 North Union Avenue
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

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