From the Blogs

From the Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Page
Mark Newgent writes about a topic that long-time Red Maryland readers are very familiar with: Governor O'Malley's record does not correspond with his soaring rhetoric.

Red Maryland March Poll
The March Red Maryland Poll is open through Wednesday, March 12th at 9 PM. Click here to participate.

An Anti-Liberty Amendment
Brian Griffiths writes about a proposal from Maryland Republican Party 1st Vice-Chairman Collins Bailey to shift the power of candidate selection from voters to insider cliques.

A Controversial Outlet
Mark Newgent writes about the Institute on the Constitution, highlighting its support of Christian Reconstructionism with as mark notes is "just as statist as any progressive vision of government." 

Stalled Pot Bill Not Boiling
Greg Kline writes about the marijuana legalization bill and how it has stalled on its way through the General Assembly.

Going Along to Get Along
Mark Newgent takes to task the Republicans who continue to go along with the Democrats crony capitalism in Annapolis.

A Trip through the Ballot
A brief look at some odds and ends from the filing deadline.

On Mandel
A brief look at MPTs Marvin Mandel biopic and why it matters today.

In Other Media

  • Greg Kline appeared on The Marc Steiner Show discussing the issues of the day.
  • Brian Griffiths appeared on The Anthony McCarrthy Show discussing the gubernatorial race.

From the Network

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  • The Red Maryland News Hour: RM News Director Duane Keenan interviews three of Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidates: Ron George, Larry Hogan, and Charles Lollar. He also talks with Delegate Don Dwyer about his proposed bill regarding jail sentences for elected officals.
  • Red Maryland Radio: Brian and Greg talked about the filing deadline, a little bit about the Institute on the Constitution, as well as the proposal to raise the speed limit to 70 and Republican action against video game makers.
  • The Broadside: Mark taked with Walter Olson from the Cato Institute about the Institute on the Constritution, and with RM's Brian Griffiths about RM's detractors and the lengths they will go to attempt to discredit Red Maryland.
  • Red Maryland Election Focus: Greg interviews House of Delegates Candidate Jimmy Williams and Prince George's Republican Central Committee Candidate Robert Francis Windley.

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