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From the Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Page
Brian Griffiths writes about Baltimore's recent mayors and how none of them have their focus on where it belongs: Baltimore.

Red Maryland endorses Hough
Red Maryland has unanimously endorsed Del. Michael Hough's primary challenge to Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley. Red Maryland News Director Duane Keenan scored exclusive interviews with Senator Brinkley and Delegate Hough for this week's episode of the Red Maryland News Hour.

An Open Door for Tax Hikes
Unfortunately it looks like guberntorial candidate Charles Lollar has left the door open to raise your taxes if he is elected governor.

Sochi Lessons
There are a lot of things that Baltimore-Washington Olympic fans can learn from the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Going Along to Get Along
Mark Newgent takes to task the Republicans who continue to go along with the Democrats' crony capitalism in Annapolis.

Lurking in Shadows
Brian Griffiths has a bit of a problem with alleged GOP "insiders" who hide behind the cloak of anonymity

Denying us a Choice
Greg Kline writes about the Anne Arundel County School Board selection process, and how our local leaders are denying Anne Arundel County votes a voice in the process.

Lies, O'Malley Lies, and Statistics
Mark Newgent on more bogus claims by Governor O'Malley when it comes to public school test scores.

Maryland Republican Party 1st-Vice Chairman Collins Bailey plagarized a piece written by our own Brian Griffiths and thought nobody would notice.

Terrible Behaviors
Professor Richard Vatz on the excusing of terrible behavior in our society.


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  • Raging Against the Rhetoric: Jackie interviewed Hardford County Executive David Craig on his income tax elimination plan.
  • Red Maryland Radio: Greg talked with Tony Tiffany from the Maryland Citizen Action Network about efforts to take away tax-exempt status from groups like theirs, as well as with Del. Michael Hough on his decision to jump into the state Senate Race.
  • The Red Maryland News Hour: RM News Director Duane Keenan talks with Delegates about tax reduction plans, as well as with Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman on the day of her campaign kickoff.
  • The Broadside: The Broadside was off this week, as Mark teamed with Andrew Langer to fill in for Derek Hunter on WBAL Radio.
  • Red Maryland Election Focus: Greg recaps interviews with David Craig and Michael Hough.

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